Shields return to Germany, after a successful stint on Intro magazine’s ‘Introducing’ Tour alongside Fidlar and P.S I Love You in February. However this time, things are changing. Shields play on their largest stage yet, at the packed out, sweltering Melt! Festival in Ferropolis.

Adapting to the burning Ferropolis heat from the all year round offensive chill’s of Newcastle, did not seem to phase the five Shields boys. They were eager and excited to perform acoustic sessions of their single ‘Mezzanine,’ and a debut session of their new track ‘Enemy.’

Behind the mainstage at Melt!, Shields, were not only indulging the heat, battling against the noise from the stage, but they also had to circum to a gust of wind, blowing drummer Tom off course. Luckily, this only occurred for a second or two.

Shields are yet to release their debut album, however, their current EP release ‘Kaleidoscope,’ perfectly lay’s down the foundations for what is yet to come and has certainly fired up our anticipation. For the mean time, we are simply enjoying the Shields ‘love,’ and their outgoing stage performance’s and fun loving indie fueled anthems.