Sir Simon Battle

Sir Simon Battle – that’s Simon Frontzek and a bunch of his crazy friends. The Berlin-based musician Simon is a busy guy: He has also taken up the task of keyboarding for the German band Tomte, as well as being a producer himself. So in order to compose his straightforward and yet poetic songs about your everyday moments and hurdles, he must dive well into the night hours. That part of the day when your mind starts drifting away into the dark… and consequently, his debut album “Battles” was followed, in 2011, by “Goodnight, Dear Mind…”.

For us, Sir Simon Battle performed “Birthday, Christmas, New Year”, and as a bonus “Goodnight, Dear Mind” at Garten der Entschleunigung. This “Garden of Slow-Down” is part of the Arena, a multifunctional location and social space. It is the perfect spot to relax from all the hustle and bustle of the everyday city life. And of course the same can be said about Sir Simon’s fine lyrics and melodies.

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