Spring Offensive

On their Tumblr blog Spring Offensive stated that their first ever tour through Germany was “the best time of this band’s career“. The first day of this formidable journey saw us drag the five piece from Oxford into a backyard next to infamous White Trash Fast Food. Here we discovered some kind of wonderland comprised of art, antiques and general curiosities: Friedrichslust. The little carpenter‘s shop was the perfect fit for the precious musical gems that Spring Offensive performed in front of our camera.

Spring Offensive’s music is at the same time intimate and forceful, the songs can change from sensitive to sublime in the blink of an eye. The emphatic “Every Coin” may well be the most powerful song to have been performed on Berlin Sessions yet. By contrast, the polyphonic chant of “A Stutter and a Start” shows the band’s more emotive side. Spring Offensive are right now working on their debut album which is due to be released in 2012.

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