Stephanie Grace

It can’t get more stereotypical than this. While being out for a beer at a beach bar in Sydney we saw Stephanie Grace perform a small stage next to the endless white beach.

Even though everybody in the bar got hammered, as aussies do on a regular basis;  trust us we learned that the hard way, she was matching their energy and won over the audience with her catchy folk songs in the end.

Stephanie is not only writing wonderful witty lyrics and sweet songs but she is also organizing the project ‘ The Muso Next Door’: If you want to see small concerts in an intimate atmosphere, we highly recommend you to check out their events.

A couple of days after her gig,  Steph was showing us around the city and we found a small beach in the middle of the jungle: Milk Beach.

Steph played a couple of songs  for us, including her recent single ‘Rock That Boat’!