The 1975

Leaving behind his bandmates at Melt! Festival, The 1975’s frontman Matthew Healy, quickly stepped up to the job of performing a rather relaxed session of their popular indie-pop anthem’s ‘Sex,’ and ‘Chocolate.’

The 1975, with their first success dating only back to January 2012, have climbed rapidly up the ladder of success. Their self titled debut album, released on 8th September, shot straight to the top of the UK chart, knocking out in their wake the Nine Inch Nail’s comeback album. This acted as just the icing on the cake as these indie pledged boys have collected their audience from touring alongside Muse and The Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, London in July.

Taking some much needed time away from reminiscing over packed out venue’s and mingling with the high flying stars, singer Matt Healy had to quickly adjust to the new surroundings of his dressing room, with only our camera’s for company. Oozing with post-teenage angst, their troublesome tales come to life through Healy’s melancholic lyrics.

It’s without a doubt that we each had a moment of a teenage heartbreak and maybe with the help of The 1975 it’s time to remember just what an empty message inbox looks like.