The Angelcy

On a short and pleasant trip to Berlin, The Angelcy stopped by ic! Berlin as we shot a session with them on their picturesque rooftop. With a stunning background scenery for company, we had no trouble in managing to capture their excitable energy. With only a few days in Berlin, they sent their love streaming through the city. They achieved this by appearing both on radio and onstage to a packed out and very excitable crowd in Mitte’s, Kaffe Burger. With their unique style, The Angelcy performed for us, their tracks ‘Burning Men’ and ‘Freedom Fighters’ with their infectious musical flare and enjoyment. Their fast-paced percussive groundwork, leads as a great combination to their folky traveller’s sound. Coming from Israel, they have picked up an eclectic group of influences upon their travels. Ranging from classical harmonies and blues to modern day folk music. There is no doubt that The Angelcy enjoyed Berlin’s ever growing music scene, but we too enjoyed their company and are looking forward to watch their journey continue. After this it was their turn to show us around their home base: our lovely friends of the Angelcy took us on a bus ride through Tel Aviv, where they sang their powerful hymn “People of the Heavens” for us while cruising into the sunset. Also check out Rotems and Mayaans beautiful nightly rendition of their lullaby-duet “Giant heart”, performed at the Tel Aviv bus station. The last video is taken from their liveshow in Berlin.