The Drums

Brooklyn new wave rockers The Drums exploded on the indie music scene with the springtime release of their debut EP, “Summertime”, in March 2010. Three months later, the group released its first full-length album – a self-titled debut of nostalgic, head-bobbing tracks. The Drums have sold over 200,000 copies worldwide to date, including some 90,000 in the U.K., where it climbed to #16 on the charts.

Following over a year of touring across the globe, with stops in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Germany, France, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Mexico and Indonesia, sold out shows in the U.K., and a six-week North American tour, the band released their sophomore effort, “Portamento”, in early September 2011. The new album sounds more mature than their first release. The band combines rhythmic Brit-pop guitar with driving new wave bass that feels more like 1984 than 2010.

Fresh off the release of their new album, The Drums were part of a standout lineup at the Berlin Festival hosted at Tempelhof Airport. Berlin Sessions was backstage to capture one the group’s extremely rare acoustic performances, which will make you wish it were summer again.

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