Spooky New Album: The Miserable Rich


The Miserable Rich dropped their third album, “Miss You In The Days”, on November 4. The group describes their latest effort as “all sex and death”. We would add a little spookiness, and just in time for the fall.

“Miss You In The Days” is a spooky yet heartfelt collection of songs in the band’s unique chamber style. At moments, the strings run up to peaks, building momentum to carry the story as in “Imperial Lines”. At other moments the band tells a darker, more organic story, as in “Honesty”, as lead singer James de Malplaquet’s silky voice sounds like a he could be related to Beirut front man Zach Condon. The songs build and release like ocean waves. But make no mistake, this is not a beach album. It feels more like an R.L Stine novel set in Medieval times.

For Heaven’s Sake by The Miserable Rich

Not only are the Miserable Rich able to balance the instruments and vocals for a beautiful, classical concoction, they also can contrast styles, such as with the waltzy “Ringing the Changes”, a dreamy, nostalgic love story. The album closer “In The Attic” offers the most soulful and exposed experience – an incomplete resolution that is both, well, miserable and rich.
Following a small album release tour through various castles, churches and haunted houses in England, the group will spend the fall and winter touring throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All tour dates can be found here.

Anything’s Possible by The Miserable Rich