The Mountains & The Trees

When Jon Janes, the only constant member of Canada’s The Mountains & The Trees asked us via Twitter if we are up for a session we were instantly excited to meet him. After all, you can’t go wrong with a tall grown musician traveling the world with a vintage flower suitcase. Jon had come all the way from Newfoundland to play gigs in the big European cities, so of course Berlin had to be on the itinerary and of course we made a session with him.

The Mountains & The Trees is Jon producing his music and performing it with changing live bands. He recently released his new Album “Carry On” as free download. He’s combining traditional folk with pop music and mixing it all up with a little bit of Newfoundland attitude. The result is surprisingly optimistic and catchy as hell.

We met Jon on a hot summer day in the shade of an old oak tree at Schlosspark Charlottenburg. For our session he first performed two acoustic songs from his album “I Made This For You”. He then performed his song “Up and Down” by layering the sounds of his guitar using a loop station and his effect units to build up a big chorus. All of that happening in the middle of a park created 300 years ago – come on how, cool is that?

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