The Vaccines

When The Vaccines released their first demo tape, the british radio channel Radio 1 entitled it as “The Hottest Record In The World“. A huge hype broke off in England and the boys, who just figured out to be a band, had the pressure to really find their own sound and release an album which could stand the hype. They took their time to experiment and finally found their sound, which is inspired by the rock’n’roll music of the 50ies and 60ies. Their first tour was a grand success although they hadn´t released a single or album yet. The expectations for their first studio album have been so high that they fittingly called it: “What Did You Expect from the Vaccines?”

Aside from the festival trouble at Immergut we met Justin and Freddie for a session. Maybe the spot was a little bit to off side because we ran into a mosquito plague. After obtaining mosquito repellant spray from a stranger, the usually so outgoing singer showed his emotional side.