Welcome home!


They say good things come to those who wait. Over here at Berlin Sessions we‘ve been waiting to launch our very own website for quite a while, and now that it‘s on, we believe that yes, indeed, this is a good thing.

Berlin Sessions started over a year ago with not much more than an idée fixe and a YouTube-account. The first video we made and uploaded was of Australian singer-songwriter Michaela Lucas performing her song “My Heart Dropped to the Floor“ at Treptower Park. It already featured all the ingredients to our magic potion: a highly talented young live-musician, an alluring self-announcement by said musician, a peculiar location in our lovely hometown Berlin, and of course our signature serial number in the beginning.

34 sessions, 58 videos and almost 250.000 views later we are taking our project one step further by launching this website. It is here for you to discover new artists and re-discover the ones you already know, to get involved by leaving your comments and suggestions, to listen, view, read, discuss and experience.
One new feature that comes with our website is the Articles section which will try and keep you updated about good music and relevant artists, so please check back every once in a while to read about the bands we love but couldn‘t yet get to perform in front of our camera lense. We also implemented short texts to go with our videos and offer you some background information about the artists and locations.

Moreover, we are planning to organise live events and parties in the not so distant future to tie in with our now infamous Boat Party. And of course, we will keep on doing our Berlin Sessions with exciting young artists and keep you guys and gals informed via YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. So please go and discover this website, watch, read and comment on our videos, like and share our content on your Facebook page and – if you‘re really convinced of our work – flattr us, get in touch and most of all: stay tuned, as this is just the beginning!