Volcano Choir's New Album: Repave


Taking Justin Vernon’s relation to his monumental success with Bon Iver, the general consensus is that his music does not general pour out any suggestion ‘fun,’ but more stylistic leading towards a beautiful ballad gathering of intensity and seriousness.

So, now it turns out here that with the collaboration of indie-rocker’s Collection Of Colonies Of Bees and All Tiny Creatures, Vernon and Volcano Choir are taking a turn away from intensely experimental debut album ‘Island, IS.’ Instead they take a step towards the ballad’s of Bon Iver, emitting some resemblance within track’s ‘Comrade,’ and ‘Byegone,’ to the power ballad’s of ‘Calgary,’ and ‘Perth.’ In spite of all of this, it almost seem’s as if Justin along with his collaborators have hacked up together in releasing what seem’s to be their answer to a ‘fun,’ record. Why this is, could be related to Vernon’s lack of compositional input in ‘Repave.’ Most of the work was left down to his Wisconsin mates, who left Vernon to concentrate on his vocal approach, stretching his tone further than ever before on record.

Certainly, you can have fun with this album, even if it is just a moment of reconcile within your bedroom quarters. Its almost at times as if Vernon and his fellow Wistconsinites know how to make each power ballad personal to you, almost making yourself believe that each one was written for your very own circumstance. This is not the case. It’s boisterous tone and epic resolutions, wash over with crashes reseeding into the unknown repertoire of Volcano Choir’s ingredients.

written by:  Thea Hudson-Davies