Eat Sleep Travel, Repeat


If there is anything such as Onomatopoeia in music you are going to experience it in Will Samson’s songs. The sound of each tune has a strong connection to the its titles. The composition of the notes and it’s atmosphere manifest Samson’s words and feelings in his music. You will hear the waves in “Oceans Are Wilder”, a choir at the beginning of “Cathedrals”, you will imagine someone is chasing you when listing to “Hunting Shadows” and you might dream of travelling the world when “Eat Sleep Travel, Repeat” is playing on your ipod while sitting on a train on your way to work.

Not wanting to wake up his flat mates at night, Samson had to produce his music in a pretty quiet manner, which seems to have a major effect on the sound of his new record. The songs were recorded with old fashionend analog equipment, which supports the album’s original style from the first track to the last.

Since the singer worked on the record in the change of the seasons, you can feel the melancholy of autumn, when summer comes to an end and memories of warmer days, evenings and nights begin to fade. It’s the perfect soundtrack for experiencing your first autumn in Berlin – when the leaves turn red and the sky turns grey, the days get shorter and you know winter is on its way.