Will Samson

Will Samson‘s music could be described as a soap bubble floating through a cold winter night. A warm camp fire on top of a very high mountain. Long story short, his music is sentimental as fuck. The young singer & songwriter was born in London and after finishing school he took his small acoustic guitar, closed the front door, and travelled the world. India, Morocco and Tibet are just some of the places he roamed.

After seeing the world kilometers beyond him, while standing on the roof of the world in the Himalaya, he returned to Europe and moved to Berlin. Here, during a long and cold winter, he started recording his first album in his bedroom all by himself. With a lot of effect units and his intense falsetto voice he builds up layers and layers of fragile sounds. He just released his debut album “Hello Friends Goodbye Friends”, which is all but a collection of happy songs. While listening to it, a warm feeling of melancholy will crawl up your spine and it will last long after a track has finished.

We met Will on a rainy afternoon at Cafe Royal in Friedrichshain. He performed two of his new songs in a stripped down acoustic version, using just his small but well travelled guitar.

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