William Fitzsimmons

There are a lot of stories to tell about American songwriter William Fitzsimmons. Let‘s start with the obvious: US television loves this beardy multi-instrumentalist. His music was used by programmes such as One Tree Hill, Greek, Brothers & Sisters, Army Wives and, most prominently, Grey‘s Anatomy. His popularity with American TV might be down to the fact that Fitzsimmons tells intimate tales of his own psyche. His music is always part psycho-therapy – for himself and his listeners.

William Fitzsimmons studied psychology and worked as a therapist, all the wile recording music in his basement in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is how his first two albums emerged. His first real studio album “The Sparrow and the Crow“ was released in 2008. His latest release, “Gold In The Shadow“ is based on several psychopathological disorders taken from the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders“. But unlike past releases, “Gold In The Shadow“ is much more focused on the process of mental healing than just mental disease.
Music has always been vital to Fitzsimmons‘ life as both his parents are blind. Music was a means of communication to the family, replacing visual sensations with auditive ones. He tries, accordingly, to focus on things which are all to often overlooked.

We met William Fitzsimmons in the streets of Berlin-Friedrichshain before his gig at Astra Kulturhaus. Astra‘s diverse programme spans from book readings and public viewing to parties and concerts, while the music played at Astra ranges from Folk and Indie to Hip Hop and Techno. A multifaceted place just like Fitzsimmons himself.

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