Wye Oak

They used to be a couple, now they are best friends and also one of the most stirring bands around. Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack met at High School in Baltimore, Maryland. Together with two other friends they formed Wye Oak, the band name being a reference to the big white oak that used to be Maryland‘s honorary state tree. When the other two band members left Wye Oak, Andy – who used to merely play the drums – decided to back up Jenn‘s voice and guitar on keyboard and organ. The makeshift became the duo‘s trademark and seeing Andy play the keys with his left hand and drums with the right one is a more than commemorable sight.

Our session with Jenn of Wye Oak took place at Die Fabrik, a fin-de-siècle factory building in Kreuzberg that was redeveloped in 1995 and now hosts a hotel. The red brick building offers high ceilings, a courtyard garden and a nice café, but the owners decided to renounce mini bars, television sets and phones. This restraint fits Wye Oak‘s reduced and modest, but nonetheless forceful style of music, which on their third and current album “Civilian“ sounds more distinctive and alluring than ever.

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