Yalta Club

Yalta Club, define themselves as a ‘melodious community,’ sharing their joy and love of music. Together they bring with them their light hearted and warming melodies through their pop-folk explosive songs. Spiraled around influences from every corner, their joyful harmonies and catching lyrics, flow from their admiration of 60’s bands such as The Kinks, The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

Putting a huge smile on our faces during Berlin Music Week in early September, we happily joined them as they played for us ‘Loser Song,’ and ‘Golden Boy,’ as we danced with them by the river.

Originating from Paris, Yalta Club and it’s booming community have covered ground throughout Europe, as well as spending a vast amount of time in Berlin. After touring and playing hundreds of gigs, the band has slowly re-formed and shifted itself around to pull together it’s unique sound. Sounding very much like a energetic brotherhood of Brooklyn’s Vampire Weekend with a twist of indie-rock band Beirut, it’s very clear that there is an interesting future ahead of Yalta Club, and we cannot wait to see what they are going to release upon us all next.

Tourdates | Germany:

22.10.2013 Köln Blue Shell / supporting Daniel Norgren
23.10.2013 Oldenburg Polyester Klub
24.10.2013 Hamburg Indra (Support: Ocean Stereo)
25.10.2013 Hannover GUT unterwegs
26.10.2013 Bielefeld Stereo
28.10.2013 Schulkonzert Hamburg Grumbrechtstrasse
29.10.2013 Göttingen Nörgelbuff (Support: Emmet Ray) (Umsonst für Studenten!!)
30.10.2013 Chemnitz Weltecho
01.11.2013 Freiburg Waldsee (mit Randale und Liebe)
02.11.2013 Bayreuth Glashaus
03.11.2013 Offenbach/ Main Hafen 2
04.11.2013 München Backstage Club /supporting The Fume
05.11.2013 Oberhausen Druckluft (Special Guest: The Rumours)
06.11.2013 Bielefeld Forum
08.11.2013 Koblenz Luxor
09.11.2013 Stuttgart Schocken / POPNOTPOP Clubfestival