Yesterday Shop

While filming a session we often experience interesting situations with an artist. The musicians are not playing a big concert or acting for a musicvideo. They are perfoming at an open space, which becomes, just through their presence, some kind of stage. Sometimes completely random people enter the set, stay for a while and listen to the songs and sometimes we, the team, are the only listeners. That kind of setup creates this special kind of intimacy that we miss in most of the other music productions.

When you listen to the debut Album of Yesterday Shop you can experience the same feeling, that we get when we shoot a session. It’s not an overproduced indie-pop album with banging snythie beats. As a matter of fact it sounds like the band has recorded the album right there at your livingroom, just for you and your friends. You can hear influences by post-noise bands, like “This will Destroy You” from America and classical german music on the otherside. They did the trick to not overload their songs but  find the perfect balance instead. A kind of balance a japanese calligraphy painter is finding when he finally paints his perfect symbol, after years of meditation.

We shot the video at the most cosy place you want to spend a cold winter night in Berlin: DAS HOTEL