Young Rebel Set

Young Rebel Set are a charismatic bunch of Englishmen that started doing folk music in Stockton-on-Tees in North East England… and alas! They’re doing it good. Their music has just the combination of roughness and softness of the landscape these guys came out of. We keep marvelling over such a perfect voice, sometimes powerful, and sometimes on the verve of breaking. It breaks our hearts, really.

The band started in 2008, and its members Matty Chipchase, Paddy Jordan, Mark Evans, Luke Evans, Andrew Parmley, Chris Parmley, and David Coombe are dedicated to treating the world with an “explosive mix of rock’n’roll, soul, folk and conviction“. Sacrificing everything from job to girlfriend, they put all their thoughts and powers into their fabulous music, to finally release their first album “Curse Our Love“ in 2011.

For us, they performed the lovely “Lion’s Mouth“ at the place where the border between East and West used to be in Berlin.

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